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Waterford Crystal 1, color

Hello. It's been three years since I began Bob Belas Photography and its associated webpages and blog.

Throughout this time, I've realized that the site needed to be updated and improved, especially the blog. Finding old posts was tough, the formatting wasn't the best, and it just didn't have 'zing'. Well, I'm in the process of doing a major overhaul, starting with the look of new blog posts. This is not the final version, and I suspect I'll find plenty of reasons to make modifications in the upcoming days, weeks, and month. Hopefully, the end will justify the means.

As things develop, I encourage you to share your thoughts, ideas, and criticisms of the changes. I'll do my best to incorporate your ideas whenever possible.

See my new Blog Archive page with the current and past posts at:

Oh, I almost forgot: you're looking at a high-key studio photo taken in my studio (aka basement). It was simply done as an experiment with lighting, but I think the photo is picturesque in its simplicity. I hope you enjoy it. And, I hope you like the changes.

Stay tuned. More is on the way.

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Hi! I'm a retired university professor,  an avid photographer, musician, orchid grower, and a pretty good fisherman.

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