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Juan's Mood

Juan's Mood, B/W

Juan's Mood

Juan and his two sisters, Lola and Lupe, are my three rescue cats, adopted from the Baltimore Humane Society in 2010.  (Note: There's a link to the BHS in my Links page.) Juan is very self-assured, not to the point of being bossy, but just enough so that I and his sisters know he's running the show. He is a _very_ affectionate animal who loves to keep me company no matter what I do, with the major exception being when I'm practicing on my saxes. Then, he's nowhere to be found, but just as soon as I put the horn down, Juan appears.

This photograph was taken while Juan was sleeping on the dining room carpet one morning not too long ago. The morning light was soft and diffuse, and he was content with me and my camera doing my photography thing.

His expression is perfect 'Juan': a bit of inquisitiveness, a bit of playfulness, a bit of sleepiness, and just a hint of "Get lost, I'm trying to sleep." Typical cat.

I hope you enjoy Juan's portrait. Feel free to leave your comments, or write to me via email, if you prefer.

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