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No. 9 Trolley Trail Waterfall

The old No. 9 trolley used to run from Baltimore to Ellicott City, Maryland, US. (Site of the devastating flash flood of July 31, 2016.) Today, it's a short, but very pleasant trail that descends from Catonsville down to the Patapsco River. Along the way, numerous small streams cascade over basalt formations. Most of the cascades are tiny; however, the recent flood has filled the water table and changed the topography of the area, making for some nice waterfalls. Here's one that captured my eye on this humid, overcast morning.

No. 9 Trolley Trail Waterfall, Landscape

No. 9 Trolley Trail Waterfall, Portrait

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Here's a monochrome version of the first photograph. I like it for its drama. Which one do you prefer?

No. 9 Trolley Trail Waterfall, B/W

I've been thinking a lot about this photo and came up with what I consider to be a better version. Here it is:

No. 9 Trolley Trail Waterfall Monochrome V3

Now, is that dramatic, or what?! LOL. Seriously, I do hope you like these photos.

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