Driftwood, Duck NC 1981

Lately, I've been dreaming of the summer to come, probably caused by our weather of the last several weeks that has been anything but spring-like. The past two weeks have been filled with lower than average temperatures and lots of clouds and rain, which is good as we were a bit below normal for rainfall.

Shoreline 1, Duck NC 1981

I gravitate to photographs that bring back memories of warmer, sunnier times when the weather is like this, and as a result post three seashore images from a summer a long time ago. These were taken in August 1981 at the beach in Duck, North Carolina.

Shoreline 2, Duck NC 1981

If you notice a bit of grain in these photos, it's because they're copies of Ektachrome slides.

I hope you have enjoyed my photos and that they bring a bit of warmth and sunshine into your day.

Best regards,