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Autumnal Orchids

One of the most satisfying aspects of growing orchids is having plants in bloom when all the native varieties have withered and gone to seed. Here are two varieties that are currently blooming at my house. The first one is a species, Miltonia clowesii, that I in July 2016. It surprised me with four small blossoms (the flower is ca. 2 cm wide) a few weeks ago. The second orchid is a hybrid, Laeliacattelya Rosette Warland x C. chocolate drop (aka chocolate drop). I picked this one up near death in the discount bin at a Lowe's hardware store several years ago. Since then, it has grown surprisingly well and blooms each November on cue. This year it produced 15 flowers on three separate flower spikes each of which is 6-7 cm wide and vivid reddish-purple in color. Chocolate drop's flowers last only a week or two, and so you have to enjoy them while they last.

Miltonia clowesii, color

Lc Chocolate Drop, color

I hope you enjoy these photos. Please feel free to comment, and thank you for viewing.