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Orchid Richard Mueller "Starspire"

Blc. Richard Mueller Starspire, color

Richard Mueller is noted in the orchid world for his many hybrid crosses between Brassavola nodosa and various species of the genera Cattleya and Laelia. Richard Mueller "Starspire" is one such cross and is the oldest of the orchids in my (small) collection, dating back to 1990 when I bought it from (the now defunct) Stewart's orchids of Carpinteria, CA. Starspire has survived many insults, not the least of which was an inch of snow that fell on it unexpectedly in mid-April 2014 just after I had hauled my plants outdoors for the upcoming summer months. It almost died, but a lot of TLC and quite a bit of pruning has brought it back from near-death.

And so, here it is blooming yet again, and giving all hope for many more years of growth and beautiful flowers.

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