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Did it ever snow

As you probably heard, Baltimore (and much of the East Coast) was hit with a blizzard the last two days (January 22 and 23, 2016). The snow started around 3PM on Friday and continued until Saturday night. The storm dumped upwards of 2 ft around my area, and more to the West. On Sunday, the cleanup began. I was out with my shovel before 9AM, started using the snowblower around 10:30 and didn't stop until 3:30PM. With winds approaching 50 mph (maybe more), there were significant drifts, especially on the south-facing sides of houses, with a drift in my driveway easily 4.5 ft high. Things are calm now. My shoulders, arms, and hands ache. Most businesses and schools will be closed tomorrow, and I won't be surprised if some stay closed another day or two. This was a record-breaking storm. Here are some snapshots of how things look around here.

I apologize for not writing more, but quite honestly I'm way too tired.

Best wishes,