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Rock Creek in December

Last Sunday (December 6, 2015), I spent 3+ hours on the shores of Rock Creek, a beautiful wide creek south of the entrance to Baltimore harbor on the western shore of Chesapeake Bay. The weather was mild for December, although the breeze off of the water quickly reminded me that my fleece jacket was not going to offer much warmth the longer I stayed. The chill was made all the more evident as a front moved in with its accompanying clouds. Despite the chill, the afternoon sun lit up the shore adjacent to Fort Smallwood magnificently, as you can see from the following.

Rock Creek in December No. 5

Within a matter of minutes, clouds quickly consumed what blue sky there had been, leaving behind every shade of gray possible. With the light down to a minimum and rapidly disappearing as the sun approached the horizon and only the slightest of breeze, the water appeared like smooth steel. Here is an image looking north (towards Baltimore) of the Francis Scott Key bridge.

Rock Creek in December No. 4

As the park was starting to close, the sky and water became almost uniform in their hue, providing a lovely study in gray. The photograph below was taken with a long exposure (over a minute) to produce a smoothing effect on the steam rising from the power plant, which also resulted in the surface of the water becoming a rough mirror.

Rock Creek in December No. 2

I hope you enjoyed these photographs of beautiful Rock Creek. You can help restore Rock Creek by visiting Until next time,