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Pictures of Pitchers, Plants

As you may know from my previous blogs, I maintain a small, but vibrant bog where I grow venus flytraps (Dionaea muscipula), sundews (Drosera spp.) and a variety of pitcher plants (Sarracenia spp.). All three are desciduous, and require a resting period during the winter. As a result, each year in the autumn when the first frost has arrived, I pack up the plants, and move them into the relative safety of the garage. There they stay, receiving the minimum of sunlight and moisture, until the early spring, when once again they are moved back outdoors.

Their trip indoors occurred a few weeks ago after we received an unusual blast of arctic air that killed any of the remaining green foliage. As I moved the plants, I could not help but stop to photograph a few of them. They're passed their glory for this year, but still hold a unique beauty.

Open wide, color

Gossiping, color

Audrey's Spawn, color

Fascinating to look at, aren't they? I welcome your comments, and until next time, enjoy life.

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