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Nostalgia: My First Photos

The Old Barn, monochrome

Oak, monochrome

Sunday On The Pond, monochrome

Nostalgia: My First Photos

Three scans of black and white prints that I took and developed way back in the early 1970s. The mats are warped and yellowing, and the prints are a bit worse for wear, so I thought it best to preserve what I could in digital format.

The first two were taken around 1971-72 in Southington, CT, my hometown. The barn was just off of Meriden Avenue, a few hundred yards from the intersection of Savage Street and about a mile from where I grew up. I don't know when the barn was demolished, but there are town homes there now. The tree, I think it is/was an oak, was off of Flanders Road on the west side of the town not too far from Mt. Southington. The third photo of the father and son in their inflatable on a lazy Sunday afternoon was taken in Storrs, CT in 1975, I think in late April or early May. I remember that because I was a senior at UConn getting ready for finals by doing everything but studying (at least on that date). The pond is a bog pond whose waters were a dark peaty brown, and my vantage point was from an old cemetery adjacent to the water.

Obviously, these are not the 'best' photographic art, but a nice blast of nostalgia nonetheless. I hope you enjoy them.

Also, I am sorry not to have posted more in June. I developed a posterior vitreous detachment in my right (dominant) eye in late May. Several large floaters resulted from the PVD, one of which is dead-center in my right eye field of view, and results in a hazy view of the world, especially through the lens. I think the floater is slowly dissolving and the haziness is becoming less noticeable. I plan to renew photography just as soon as I can, so expect to _see_ more photos soon. (Pardon my pun.)

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