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Higan Weeping Cherry Blossoms

Weeping Cherry Blossom 1, color

Weeping Cherry Blossom 2, color

Weeping Cherry Blossom 3, color

Higan Weeping Cherry Blossoms

Spring 2019 came in fast and furious, resulting in a blaze of flowers that also left rapidly. Compounded by the historic record rains of 2018, many of the trees and plants had a tough time as 2019’s growing season started, especially my old Higan Weeping Cherry tree that is the cornerstone tree in my front yard. Back in 1997, I bought it as a small sapling from a local garden center, transporting back home in the front seat of my honda accord. Through the years, it grew. Early on at christmas time, I would string lights on it, but as it matured it became too large for that, and its boughs currently spread across most of my front yard providing a lovely screen from pedestrian and road traffic. It has had its share of insect and fungal diseases, but it has always managed to come back for another spring of blooms.

This year, however, appears to be its last. I hope not but the flowers were tiny (photo #1 is a good example of such, compare it to photo #3), died quickly, but did not drop off the branches. That means the tree doesn’t have the energy to cleave off the dead flowers. Coupled with a pitifully meager set of new leaves, I think this may be the swan song for my tree. I hope I’m wrong, but I won’t be placing any bets on it making through another year.

With that sad thought, I wanted to preserve what may be its final spring blossoms. So, here they are. Enjoy.

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