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New Cathedral Cemetery

New Cathedral Cemetery, located on the western edge of Baltimore City, was founded in 1871, and combines three old cemeteries: St. Peter’s Kirkyard, opened in 1770, the Cathedral Cemetery (1816), and St. Patrick's cemetery (1936). The headstones and markers from all three old cemeteries were moved from their original locations within the city proper and installed at New Cathedral Cemetery. Many of these headstones are marble and have been severely weathered; however, there is much beauty and magnificence to be found in the old headstones and statues, and the magnificent view of Baltimore City one witnesses from the Cemetery's grounds.

New Cathedral Vista #1, monochrome

Edward Reilley, monochrome

Wm. Connaughton, monochrome

John Nunan, monochrome

George J. Kern, monochrome

Not all the grave markers are so elaborate and ornate. Simple often is sufficient, as these three so eloquently demonstrate. Something about their simplicity tugs at my heartstrings even now as I view the photograph for the upteenth time.

Mama, monochrome

I hope you enjoyed these photographs, and equally hope they inspired you to take a trip to New Cathedral Cemetery.

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