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Dexter 2, monochrome


His name is Dexter, an Egyptian mau - Siamese mix, I think. He’s one big, lean, beautiful cat who roams the neighborhood. Dexter shows up at my house pretty regularly, usually around 8AM and again in mid-afternoon. He is without a doubt the most talkative cat I’ve ever known and also one of the most people-oriented. He just can’t seem to get enough attention, whether it’s from me or a bunch of rambunctious kids, Dexter just loves it.

As much as I like Dexter, I have to say I wish he wasn’t an outdoor cat, as he has a lot of wounds that I imagine are from fights. He also crosses the street without much care, recently frightening my friend Shari and me when he walked out into the path of an oncoming car. Luckily, the car stopped to let Dexter cross, but that was too close.

I hope you enjoy Dexter, and if you do please drop me a line or add a comment.



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