Bob Belas Photography Blog

Spring has sprung

Afternoon light filtering through cherry blossoms

A gray catbird with USGS bands

Lichens growing on my ipe lawn furniture

Violets in all their glory

A blue-gray gnatcatcher, one of the early arrivals at Soldiers Delight

A very territorial woodchuck barks near Pigpen Pond

I updated several of the galleries in my portfolio with some recent photographs that I hope you will enjoy. I just returned from a brief hike at Soldiers Delight Nature Reserve. I heard several warblers and saw a couple. The day was unseasonably hot and humid, and the ticks were out in force. I've never seen so many so early in the year. (Bathe yourself in insect repellent if you're headed out in the Maryland woods. You've been warned. :)

All my best wishes,