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Black-eyed Susan in the morning light

Morning Lit, color

Black-eyed Susan in the morning light

Our rains have come to an end -- nearly 43" so far this year, and just short of our annual rainfall average -- at least for the moment, and although the weather has been hot and humid, the days have also brought forth wonderful, soft light in the mornings and evenings. I've taken advantage of this beautiful light to bring my camera out for some flower photography. My gardens abound with cardinal flowers, coneflowers, and black-eyed susans. The latter are flourishing, and just beg to be photographed. I was happy to oblige, and here is one of the images.

I hope you like it, as it came with several mosquito bites, despite a heavy application of DEET on my legs and arms. Let me tell you, the tiger mosquitoes are fierce this year!

No complaints however, as we all know all too well that winter is not that far away.

By the way, for those photographers who happen to stop by, this photograph was taken with a 70-200mm (set at 200), a 1.4x extender, and a 35mm extension tube. Surely a work in progress, but I kind of like the result, especially the creamy bokeh. I'll post more images using this technique in the days ahead. Feel free to ask questions should you have them.

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