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Broken, color


August, already? I can’t say where the time went, but here we are nearing the culmination of our hot summer weather.

I had the opportunity on one recent (very) hot, (very) humid afternoon to wander around the margin of a nearby lake that harbors a myriad of interesting photographic subjects. As are all the lakes in Maryland, this one is man-made, and has a earthen berm or dam at one end that contains many large rocks. I don’t know the origin of these rocks, but they don’t appear to be local, as we mostly have schist and gneiss around this part of the state.

As I was photographing fauna, I happened to look down to see the crushed remains of some plant. The stem has some thorns, so maybe it was a wild rose? The vivid, rich reds of the plant remains were eye-catching especially against the rock’s background. Here it is in all its glory.

Many more (fauna and flora) images coming, so stay tuned.

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