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Orchids of Summer: Lc Tropical Pointer Spot

Laeliacattleya "Tropical Pointer Spot", color

Several of my orchids are in bloom, and one of my favorites is this one: Laeliacattleya "Tropical Pointer Spot". It's a very reliable bloomer, July and December each year for the many years I've had it in my collection. Its flowers are rather small, but dainty, with a wonderful spicy fragrance that appears each morning from sunrise to approx. noon. This summer it really let loose with a multitude of blooms on several individual plants. Unfortunately, we're having a heat wave with temperatures nearing 100F, which doesn't bode well for the flowers, as they're already showing signs of an early die-off. Such are the woes of the orchid hobbyist.

I hope your flowers are doing well, and you're enjoying the summer too.

Best wishes,