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The Old Boathouse

The Old Boathouse, color

The Old Boathouse

Maryland experienced its first snow of 2019 this past weekend. What was to be 3-4 inches turned into 6-8+ inches, and blanketed the area in white. I have always enjoyed hiking in the snow, and ventured out to Liberty Reservoir armed with my camera and telephoto. My hopes were to photograph waterfowl that make the reservoir their home in the winter, but, after wandering around, it was clear that there were no birds (or other wildlife) to be seen, other than a small flock of bufflehead ducks swimming in the waters near the opposite shore, about 300 yards away.

As I walked around the shoreline, I headed to one of the spots where I often fish for largemouth bass. On the opposite side of the cove there is a dilapidated structure that I assume is an old, unused boathouse. Under an overcast sky and with every shade of gray and only muted colors, the boathouse stood out, juxtaposed by an orange trashcan (I assume) not far away. A visually pleasant image and worthy of a photograph, which I present here.

It will be a good 60+ days before fishing picks up at the reservoir, and until then I plan to return for more photography, especially when the next snows fall. (Note: That should happen 2 or 3 times in the next few days, if the forecast is accurate.)

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