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Jack In The Pulpit

Jack In The Pulpit, monochrome

Jack In The Pulpit

This Jack In The Pulpit is descendant of a plant that I transplanted in 1990, as I moved from temporary quarters in Ellicott City to my current residence in Catonsville, MD. It has been transplanted several times here as well, but continues to thrive and multiply, and now there are about a dozen JITPs in my gardens.

I have many fond memories associated with JITPs from when I was growing up in Connecticut. JITPs were always a sure sign of summer, and were a very welcomed sign, as they are now.

I am also happy to finally get back my camera back. For the past five weeks, my trusty Canon 7D has been in the shop getting a check up and cleaned. It’s hard to imagine that it’s eight years old! Anyway, it’s back and I’m eager to get out to capture more images. I’ll post more soon.

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