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Autumnal orchids: Chocolate Drop and Tropical Pointer Spot

This is a special time of the year for my orchids, as many bloom shortly after I move them into their indoor growth chamber. Here are two that I particularly like. Both were found one late summer's day in the bargain bin at my local Lowe's hardware store. While it took a bit of effort to get them up and growing, they grew rapidly and bloomed regularly. The first photo is Cattleya Chocolate Drop and the second one is Lc. Tropical Pointer Spot.

Lc Chocolate Drop, color

Tropical Pointer Spot, color

Both are fragrant, but Spot's aroma is out of this world. (Its blooms aren't bad either, I must say.) Having these flowers now that our weather has decidedly turned wintry is a real treat.

I hope these photos brighten up your day, and thank you for viewing. I welcome your comments.

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