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Orchids of Autumn: Miltonia 'sunset'

Miltonia 'sunset', color

Autumn is truly here. The days are shorter and our weather has finally transitioned from summer to fall. And so, it was time to move my orchid collection indoors, specifically to a basement grow chamber. Before doing so, I couldn't help but capture an image of one of my Miltonia 'sunset' plants. This particular plant is the parent of several others, and was originally bought in the early 1990's. It's one of my oldest and most prolific orchids. As you can see, its flowers are stunning. This year, these plants produced flower spikes in both spring and early autumn. By the way, although the flowers are beautiful to behold, their fragrance smells like cut cilantro, not what many expect from an orchid.

I hope you enjoy 'sunset'. Please leave your comments, and thank you for stopping by.