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Sledding, While The Snow Lasts

One of my favorite sites when it snows in Catonsville is a hill at the Community College of Baltimore (CCBC). The hill is short and relatively steep, and the college allows sledding (at one's own risk) on its slope. Kids and adults can often be found enjoying a brief but fun run down the hill. Last Sunday, slightly away from the main crowd of sledders, I watched two young women having what can only be described as the time of their lives, as they went up and down the hill. I had to smile at seeing their smiles, which were utterly infectious and started the moment they pushed off the top, and only grew bigger, with much laughter, as they slid down the hill. I hope you'll agree: they were having a ball!

Happy Sledding 1

Happy Sledding 2

Of course, smiles were a bit less apparent on the walk back up the hill.

The Long Hike Back To The Top

Well, we all hoped that the snow from January's blizzard wouldn't stay long and it didn't. As I write this blog entry, most of the snow has melted, save for the mountains that still remain in most of the parking lots, the mounds on the sides of many streets, and the vestiges in shadows. The forecast calls for a chance of more snow in a day or two, so winter is still here.

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