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Baltimore in black and white

A couple of days ago, I went out to scout new locations for future photos. One of the places I've been meaning to get to is the Hanover Street Bridge, just south of Baltimore City. For years, I've observed the bridge from the 395 ramp leading to the city and wishing I could stop and photograph the scene throughout the seasons. (I rather suspect that stopping my car on that ramp is strictly illegal and would result in a citation. But still...)

A better solution is the Middle Branch and Broening Parks located adjacent to the bridge off of Waterview Avenue. They each afford interesting perspectives on the bridge and southern view of the city, which is heavily industrial and interspersed with elevated highway overpasses. The day I visited was overcast with some sun making only a little effort to break through the thick clouds. This light gave these city parks, with their trash, graffitti, and industrial landscapes an ominous almost foreboding atmosphere.

Hanover Street Bridge

Boathouse Pier

Power Plant Adjacent to 395 and Russell Street

These photographs were largely done as an experiment in black and white processing. I think the treatment lends itself to the subject. I hope you find these photographs visually interesting. Please feel free to comment. Thank you for taking the time to view.