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Ahh, Autumn...

A stick in the mud


On Bended Knee

I had a lovely hike along Liberty Reservoir on Sunday, November 1st. The photograph shown on the left epitomizes that wonderful day. More to follow...

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Saturday, November 7, 2015:

Here are two more photographs from the same hike. The first, "Fallen", is a metaphor of life. A leaf, already fallen from its branch, clinging desperately in a futile effort to stay in the light. When the wind and rain ultimately detach the leaf from its perch is only a matter of time, and that leaf will return to the grand cycle of nature, providing nutrition to new leaves in springtime.

My second photographic installment is an image I call "On Bended Knees". I think the photograph speaks for itself. I was drawn to the shapes and textures of this tree's roots. It wasn't until I had taken a few shots that I 'saw' the knee, and other things. (Write if you need further explanation. LOL.) All smiles aside, there is a lot to visually explore in this photograph, and I hope you enjoy viewing it.

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