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Digital Images

If you are interested in licensing any images on this website to be used by a not-for-profit organization or an environmental charity or other organization with a focus on protecting our natural lands may contact me to apply for a significant discount or free licensing of my images for your publication. I make every effort possible to assist environmental groups and charities in their mission.

Image Licensing

I license my own images and will work with you to come up with a solution for all your licensing interests. Whether you simply need a colorful addition to your website or images for an advertising or marketing campaign, I can accommodate your needs. Even if you don’t see the exact image you are looking for on this site, feel free to contact me, as I may have a suitable image in my collection.

Image and Fine Art Printing

You may purchase top-quality prints from all of the images you find on this site. Simply email me to discuss purchase options and sizes available. Maximum sizes vary from one image to the next. Many factors dictate the maximum size that I feel comfortable printing any given image, such as the digital format and conditions at the time of capture. I will only print images at sizes that meet my high expectations for quality and detail throughout. For more budget conscience buyers, many of my prints are also available in greet- and gift-card format in a variety of paper types and sizes. Regardless of size, all images are printed with the utmost care using high quality printers, papers, and inks. Please feel free to contact me regarding specific print questions at any time.